Edge Evolution CS2 (85300) (2023)

The Edge Evolution CS2 is an easy-to-install programmer designed to improve the performance of your truck. Available in gas and diesel options, the CS2 programmer mounts inside your cabin for complete accessibility. It has a 2.4” high-resolution touch screen for switching tunes and displaying engine parameters in real-time.

  • Adds up to 180HP and 440 ft-lb TQ!/Gas: 54HP, 68 ft-lb TQ
  • Minimum 1-2 MPG Gain; Over 10 MPG in Some Cases
  • Plug and Play Install
  • Tunes for Daily Driving, Mileage, Towing, and Performance
  • 2.4” High-Resolution, Color, Push-Button Control Screen
  • Customizable Background
  • Monitors Selected Engine Parameters
  • Compatible with EAS (Edge Accessory System) for Connecting Accessories

After updating the Edge software to the CS2 with the included USB cable and a computer, the programmer plugs right into the OBD-II port. Within minutes, the Edge Evolution CS2 retunes your vehicle. This programmer is compatible with the EAS Edge Accessory System, so you can add accessories such as temperature sensors, turbo timers, and pressure sensors. Whether you need better gas mileage or more torque for towing power, the Edge Evolution CS2 is a completely customizable programmer that offers impressive results!

Vehicle Fitment & Power Gains

Make/Model/Engine Code Applications for the Edge Evolution CS2* (Diesel)





Max. HP/TQ


Ram 2500/3500


5.9L Cummins

120HP/340ft-lbs TQ


Ram 2500/3500


5.9L Cummins

175HP/430ft-lbs TQ


Ram 2500/3500


5.9L Cummins

175HP/470ft-lbs TQ


Ram 2500/3500


6.7L Cummins

125HP/340ft-lbs TQ


Ram 2500/3500


6.7L Cummins

95HP/270ft-lbs TQ




7.3L Powerstroke

80HP/180 ft lbs TQ




7.3L/6.0L/6.4L Powerstroke

100HP/200 ft lbs TQ




6.7L Powerstroke

80HP/180 ft lbs TQ




6.7L Powerstroke

106HP/315 ft lbs TQ




6.7L Powerstroke

120HP/220ft-lbs TQ


F-150 Ecoboost


3.0L Powerstroke

53HP/128 ft lbs TQ



2500 & 3500


6.6L LB7/LLY Duramax

100HP/210 ft-lb TQ



2500 & 3500


6.6L LLY/LBZ Duramax

100HP/220 ft lb TQ



2500 & 3500


6.6L LMM Duramax

85HP/200 ft lbs TQ



2500 & 3500


6.6L LML Duramax

81HP/170 ft lbs TQ



2500 & 3500


6.6L LML Duramax

115HP/220 ft lbs TQ

Top Features

Five Preset Tunes

The Edge Evolution CS2 comes with five tunes to maximize performance.

  • Extreme – the most power for the toughest jobs
  • Performance – a step below the Extreme tune, for high power on rough terrain
  • Towing – a power setting for use when towing
  • Economy – a tune designed to increase fuel economy
  • Transmission only – designed to prolong the life of your transmission (only available on specific makes/models)

Within each tune, you can:

  • Change the tire size
  • Upgrade the gear ratio
  • Set the speed limiter

The Edge Evolution CS2 also gives you the option within each tune to use the current settings or to return to the default settings.

Read and Clear DTCs

The Edge Evolution CS2 comes with a built-in code reader when there is an issue with your truck. If your “Check Engine” light comes on, you can read the diagnostic code associated with the problem. In some cases, these are minor issues you can fix yourself. The programmer lets you read diagnostic codes and clear them so you can resolve the issue.

NOTE: If codes come back after you clear them, there is something more serious going on that your trusted mechanic should address.

NOTE: You can clear codes while Fords and GMC/Chevy trucks are running. However, with Dodge trucks, you will have to turn the vehicle off and leave the key in the “on” position.

Check Your Injector Balance Rates

You can check your injector balance rates with the Edge Evolution CS2. The diagnostics menu gives you the option to test your injectors to see if they are running correctly. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing an issue with your truck without a DTC. The CS2 allows you to read injector values while in drive and in park to see if you might have a bad injector.

Performance Testing

Do you want to see the performance gains of your truck after installing a tune? The Edge Evolution CS2 has three performance tests to measure the difference in the output:

  • 0-60 – The 0-60 test measures the performance of your vehicle in the time it takes to accelerate from 0-60 MPH
  • Quarter Mile – The Quarter Mile test measures the performance of your vehicle in the time it takes to travel a quarter of a mile
  • Horsepower Test – tracks your horsepower (NOTE: You must enter the weight of your vehicle to get an accurate reading.)

Remember to obey all traffic laws!

Maintenance Manager

With the CS2, you can set reminders for general maintenance based on mileage. This is a helpful tool for setting alarms for changing filters and fluids to make sure your vehicle is always running smoothly. With the Maintenance Manager, you can set mileage interval reminders (based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) on certain maintenance services. You can also program alarms to go off after a specific number of miles before the service is due.

(Video) Edge Products CS2 Worthless Product or a Scam?

Mileage Coach

If you want to increase your MPGs, the Mileage Coach option can help you improve your driving techniques. This program included in the CS2 tracks your mileage and gas consumption to calculate your driving habits. It provides personalized tips to help you get the most out of your fuel tank and save money at the pump.

Data Logging

The Edge Evolution CS2’s Data Logging option tracks and records preset data, depending on your needs. You can upload the data to your computer and save it through the MyStyle software or you can view it directly on your CS2 monitor. Data logging is helpful for short-or-long term use to track your vehicle’s performance. The device has a storage limit, so you’ll have to upload your data to your computer if you want to save it.

Complete Customization

The Edge Evolution CS2 is entirely customizable. You can set your background and layout options on the two home screens. You can also select individual gauges on each screen to monitor engine data in real-time. These parameters come with other options, such as setting the gauge color and setting alarms. You can add even more capabilities with the EAS Accessory System, which is compatible with the CS2. For more information on the EAS system, see “Compatible Products” below.

Does it Support Bluetooth/Mobile App Functionality?

The Edge Evolution CS2 does not support Bluetooth or mobile app functionality. To perform software updates, the programmer plugs into a PC with the included USB cord.

Does it Offer Transmission Tuning?

The Edge Evolution CS2 offers a transmission tuner, but only on some makes and models. Contact Edge’s customer service team or log on to their website to see which tunes the CS2 will have for your vehicle.

Does it Offer ‘On the Fly’ Adjustments (Can it switch tunes while driving?)

The CS2 does not offer ‘on the fly’ adjustments. Changing tunes is about a ten-minute process, during which you will have to park in a safe area.

Does it Support DPF Deletes?

Edge does not offer any options that support DPF deletes. The company also doesn’t provide any products that support modified emissions equipment.

Is There a Link to a Manual or Installation Guide?

(Video) 02 Duramax Edge CS Programmer Install and Review "Awesome"

You can access the Edge Evolution CS2 Installation Manual here, or you can find it on Edge’s website.

What is the Average Installation Time?

It only takes about ten minutes to update the Fusion software and the MyStyle software to your Evolution CS2. After you have completed that step, the installation to your truck takes another ten minutes. If you plan on running the wires under your dash, it could take another 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your experience level.

What Tools Do I Need for Installation?

All you need to prepare and install your Edge Evolution CS2 is your home PC and the materials that come with your product. The company includes the required USB, alcohol wipe, and OBD-II cord that you need to install your programmer. If you are running your wires under the dash, you should have a trim panel removal tool on hand.

You can see how to install your wires under the dash in the following video: Edge Diesel Evolution Performance Tuner Review – etrailer.com

Are There Any Required Add-Ons to Ensure it Operates Properly?

After you install the software, the Edge Evolution CS2 has everything you need to run it properly. If you want to add sensors, switches, and timers, then you will need to install the EAS Accessory System to include these upgrades.

When can I install the EGT probe?

Edge recommends installing the EGT probe before the turbo to obtain the best response time and accuracy.

Will it only work on one vehicle?

The Edge Evolution CS2 has a VIN lock, so it will only work on one vehicle at a time. If you want to install it on another truck, then you must return it to stock before removing the programmer.

Can I read my engine oil temp from the ECM without installing a separate sensor?

On some models, you can read your engine oil temperature without installing another sensor. Contact Edge’s customer service team or log onto their website to see which makes/models require an extra sensor to read the engine oil temperature.

(Video) Edge Evolution Tuners for Ford Diesel Trucks

What is the difference between the Evolution CS2 and the Evolution CTS2?

The CTS2 might seem like an upgrade on the CS2, but there are very few differences between them. While the CS2 does have a smaller screen, there are much fewer complaints of it freezing up. The CS2 operates with push-buttons (instead of the touch-screen of the CTS2), and you won’t be able to see as much data at one time. One added benefit to the CTS2 is that you can run a back-up camera to the monitor. However, both models have the same PIDs and the same tunes.

What is the difference between the Insight and the Evolution?

Edge offers two brands of programmers and tuners: the Insight and the Evolution. The Insight is just for monitoring your gauges, while the Evolution comes with preset tunes. The Insight does not come with tunes.

Can I load custom tunes to the Edge Evolution CS2?

No, you cannot upload custom tunes to the Evolution CS2. However, you can use the HP Tuners program to upload custom tunes to the Insight CS2. Edge provides its customers to trade in their Evolution for the Insight for a small fee.

Does the CS2 automatically turn off when the truck is turned off?

Yes. When you turn your truck off, the Evolution CS2 will turn off. The programmer restarts as soon as you turn your vehicle back on.

Can I use the Evolution CS2 in California?

There is a separate diesel model for the Evolution CS2 that is CARB-compliant so that you can use it in California.

Will it work with EFI Live?

No, the Evolution CS2 is incompatible with EFI Live. If you have EFI Live in your truck, uninstall it before using the CS2.

Do I have to keep the Evolution CS2 plugged in all the time?

No. You can install the tune and unplug it. The tune will remain until you plug the programmer back in and change the tune or return the truck to stock. Edge recommends restoring the stock settings before bringing your truck to the dealership for any maintenance.

(Video) Edge Products CS2 Evolution I’m Done, it’s Hot Garbage

Is the windshield mount universal?

Yes, the windshield mount is universal to any vehicle.

Can I return my truck to factory settings at any time?

Yes. The Edge saves your factory settings. You can switch your truck back to factory settings at any time.

Will the Edge Evolution CS2 void my vehicle’s factory warranty?

No, this programmer will not void your warranty, unless you make a modification that damages your vehicle.

Does the CS2 come with warranty coverage?

All Edge products come with a limited one-year warranty against manufacturer defects, but the company offers extended one-year coverage for a fee.

I can’t download the Fusion Software from my Mac computer. Am I doing something wrong?

No. Unfortunately, Fusion Software is only compatible with Windows.

  1. Visit www.edgeproducts.com. Under the Updates tab, click the “Download Fusion” link.
  2. After you have downloaded the Fusion software, download the “Mystyle software” to customize your backgrounds. You can choose from the included backgrounds or upload your own images.
  3. Downloading the software should only take a few minutes. Run the FusionClientSetup.exe file to complete the installation.
  4. Open the Fusion program to create a profile. Check your email for your password to log into the program.
  5. To set up your CS2, connect your programmer to your PC with the included USB cord. Follow the instructions to install the software to the programmer.

How to Install the Fusion Software Update

This is an installation video released by Edge Products, detailing the software installation process. The company has updated its website since recording this video. The Updates tab is located at the top of the page, not on the left.

(Video) Edge Products CS and CTS Evolution

You can also reference pages 10-11 of the Installation Manual for a complete step-by-step process on how to install the software.

Once you have installed the software:

  1. Plug the Edge CS2 into your OBD-II port. Turn on your vehicle or leave the key in the “run” position.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to configure the programmer to your vehicle. Access the user manual, pgs. 14-27 to customize your background, menu, gauges, and screens to your liking.
  3. On the main menu, select the Performing Tuning option to choose a tune for your vehicle. Follow the prompts to save your stock settings and upload the tune to your truck. You can also adjust the settings of each tune, such as speed limiter, tire size, and gear ratio.
  4. Once the tune is complete, take the remaining cord and route it up the side of your dash. You may choose to remove the side of your dash and route it underneath, but this is optional.
  5. Choose the spot on your windshield where you would like to mount your programmer.
  6. Use the alcohol wipe to clean that spot.
  7. Press the windshield mount firmly against the clean area of the windshield and press the lever towards the glass. This will create the suction required for the mount to attach to your windshield firmly.
  8. Plug the HDMI cord into the monitor.
  9. Attach the monitor to the mount.
  10. Sit in your truck comfortably as you usually would when you are driving. Adjust the monitor to your preferred viewing position.

Reference: Edge Evolution CS2 Installation Manual, pgs. 12-13


Does edge CS2 come with tunes? ›

The Edge Evolution CS2 comes with five tunes to maximize performance. Within each tune, you can: Change the tire size.

What can an edge CS2 do? ›

Not only does it re-tune your vehicle, it stays mounted in the cab and features real-time, monitoring of vital engine data. The Evolution is available for both Gas and Diesel trucks/SUVs.

Does the edge evolution CTS2 come with tunes? ›

The Edge Evolution CTS2 comes with up to 5 preset tunes.

Is the edge CTS3 a tuner? ›

This programmer is one of the most technologically advanced tuners on the market with ultra-fast processing speeds and WiFi update capability. The Edge Products 85400-100 Evolution CTS3 Tuner (Powerstroke) programs the ECM in your truck through the OBDII port.


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