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Are you seeking for the best business setup consultants in Dubai ? Introducing here the list of 18 best business setup consultants in Dubai who are most recognized for business setup services in UAE. 1. Biztrack Business ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 2. NEX Consultants ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 3. JUMEIRA Consultants ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 4. Business Link UAE ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 5. Aurion Business Consultants ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 6. Farahat & Co ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 7. Kiltons ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 8. Shuraa ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 9. Riz & Mona Consultancy ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 10. CommitBiz ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 11. RadiantBiz ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 12. Decisive Zone ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 13. KWSME ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 14. Virtuzone ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 15. Presto Business Services ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 16. Company Setup Consultants ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 17. DED Cafe ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: 18. MSZ Consultancy ➤ Official Detailed Information: ➤ Social Links: Conclusion Experts - Entrepreneurship and Startups - DDIChat DDIChat allows individuals and businesses to speak directly with subject matter experts. It makes consultation fast… FAQs Videos

Are you seeking for the best business setup consultants in Dubai ? Introducing here the list of 18 best business setup consultants in Dubai who are most recognized for business setup services in UAE.

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (1)

For modern-day enterprises, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as one of the most competent and attractive locations.

This is due to a recent transition away from conventional oil and other trades and toward contemporary technology-based companies. For this same reason, there are now a large number of new SMBs and start-ups specializing in the digitalization of conventional firms and business processes.

Foreign nations and investors from these countries are also setting up enterprises in the main cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Business setup consultants in Dubai are the greatest option for all of these people and nations that need help with everything from documents to licensing and registration to collecting resources and staff to setting up an office in the free zone or mainland.

More and more firms are springing up to help new low cost business setup in Dubai.

You may find a slew of individuals that are willing to assist young business people get their operations up and running as quickly and easily as feasible.

Businesses that provide business setup consultant services are also familiar with the most recent legislation, regulations, and guidelines that apply to businesses and trade in the United Arab Emirates.

They also have a good grasp of the client markets and the best means to reach them. Entrepreneurs who have already established themselves might also benefit from their expertise.

Apart from that, organizations and agencies that provide services for company creation in the UAE charge much less for their services as compared to foreign agencies that conduct case studies and market research specifically for them.

Because of this, they may be used by businesses of all sizes, including those with a little or restricted budget.

After gaining a better understanding of the offerings and effectiveness of the company setup consultants in Dubai, we can now move forward.

Top 18 business setup consultants in the Dubai who have assisted hundreds of customers; have earned positive ratings; and have profitable service portfolios are included in this list.

All of the companies listed below provide high-quality services and are well-known in the field of company start-up consultation.

To receive the finest advice on how to begin a company in the United Arab Emirates, go through the list and choose the one that best meets your needs.

1. Biztrack Business

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (2)

BizTrack Business Group is one of Dubai’s best business setup consultants. They know the value of Business since Middle East and worldwide investors regard the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be an essential element of their operations.

Your success will primarily be defined by your grasp of the market. You need to have a full awareness of the local processes, players you will be competing with, and techniques to make advances.

This will guarantee that every bit you spend on building your low-cost business setup in Dubai, UAE. will be wisely spent and beneficial. They provides a number of services including:

  1. New residency visa
  2. Residency visa renewal
  3. Residency cancellation
  4. Renewal of ID Card
  5. New Establishment Card — Ministry of Labor
  6. New Establishment Card — Immigration
  7. Renewal of Establishment Card — Ministry of Labor
  8. Renewal of Establishment Card — Immigration
  9. Profession change
  10. Entry / residence permit correction
  11. Local service partner (sponsor) arrangement
  12. Drafting of Memorandum and Article of Association
  13. Full assistance with EIDA card applications
  14. Registration of the lease agreement with RERA
  15. Registration with emirates post (P.O BOX)
  16. Residency visa re-stamp
  17. Medical checkup for visa purposes
  18. Transfer of Sponsorship
  19. PRO Services Dubai
  20. Register Business
  21. Setup Workspace
  22. Issue Family Visa
  23. Business Trade License Services in UAE
  24. Tourism Trade License In Dubai
  25. Industrial Trade License in UAE
  26. Professional Trade License

Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Offices 3, One Central, DWTC, Dubai
👉 Phone Number — +971 50 681 0554
👉 Email —

Social Links:

2. NEX Consultants

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (3)

NEX Consultants is a best business setup consultants in Dubai and provides a wide range of services for small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, it is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners. NEX Consultants provides a wide range of services, including:

  1. The process of starting a business
  2. Opening a Bank Account
  3. Accounting and Auditing
  4. Incorporation of an Offshore Corporation
  5. Liquidation of a business
  6. A tax residency certificate from the UAE

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address Al Moosa Tower 1, Level 7, Suite 702, PO Box 33089, Sheikh Zayed Road
👉 Phone Number +971 4 3887577
👉 Email —

(Video) Best Business Setup Services and Consultancy in Dubai| FREE CONSULTATION

➤ Social Links:

3. JUMEIRA Consultants

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (4)

Consultancy services in the UAE and GCC nations are available from JUMEIRA Consultants. Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore company establishment services are given.

In addition to general accounting services, the business also provides a variety of Tax Certificate services. Among the JUMEIRA Consultants’ other outstanding services:

  1. Liquidation of a business
  2. Dubai-based limited liability company
  3. Registered Agent in the British Virgin Islands
  4. Opportunities for Investment in Dubai
  5. Services for the Dissolution of Corporations
  6. Certificate of Tax Resident Status
  7. Liquidation of a business
  8. Trademark License
  9. Possibility of a Return on Investment

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address Office №1603, City Tower 2
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
👉 Phone Number +971 4 3277 201
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

4. Business Link UAE

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (5)

Business Link UAE is the best business setup consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Service areas covered by the company include:

  1. Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore company creation
  2. solutions for the business world, for example
  3. Taxes and accounting
  4. Liquidation of a business
  5. Dubai Product Registration
  6. Emails for Business Purposes
  7. In Dubai, trademarks may be registered
  8. The process of establishing a bank account
  9. Packages for Starting a Business
  10. Company-provided extras include:
  11. Attestation and Legal Typing
  12. Setup of a Virtual Office
  13. Sponsor from the United Arab Emirates
  14. Services Provided by PRO
  15. In Dubai, a subsidiary company was set up
  16. Visa Services for the United Arab Emirates
  17. Setup of a branch office, etc.

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address Oasis Center, 3rd Floor, #49 PO box: 282007 Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE
👉 Phone Number +971 43 215227
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

5. Aurion Business Consultants

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (6)

One of the most well-known business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE is Aurion Business Consultants. The organization has a staff of experts that can help you start up a business in any of the UAE’s free zones, mainland, or offshore territories.

In the ten years after it was founded, the firm has assisted more than 4500 businesses from 80 countries to begin operations.

Business setup in Dubai and other UAE Freezones, legal papers for business formation, and PRO Services for Visa and bank account opening are just some of the many services offered by the organization.

The Aurion Business Consultants provide a variety of services, including the following:

  1. UAE-based offshore business
  2. Company Registration in the UAE’s Free Zone
  3. Registration of a Mainland Company / LLC
  4. UAE PRO Services
  5. PRO Services in UAE
  6. Visa Assistance in UAE
  7. Freezone Company Liquidation
  8. Closing Company in Dubai
  9. Warehouse in UAE
  10. Trademark Registration in UAE
  11. Will Registration in UAE
  12. Consultancy / ISO Certification
  13. Knowledge Management Services
  14. Corporate Identity
  15. Accounting
  16. Open a Bank Account in the United Arab Emirates
  17. Value-Added Tax / VAT

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address Office # 213 & 214, 6 EA Building, DAFZA, Dubai Airport Free Zone
👉 Phone Number +971 425 04150
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

6. Farahat & Co

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (7)

Farahat & Co is another well-known brand in the field of business setup services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Other services offered by the organization include: HR outsourcing; Trademark Services; Payroll Outsourcing; Branch Setup; and much more.

The organization has over 30 years of expertise and has helped over 30000 customers with over 10,000 start-ups and enterprises throughout that time, earning it more than 120 honors.

  1. Audit & Assurance
  2. VAT tax consulting services
  3. Liquidation & Insolvency
  4. Accounting & Bookkeeping
  5. Court Expert consulting
  6. payroll & HR services
  7. Trademark Registration
  8. AML Advisory
  9. Fraud Examination

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address IBIS Hotel Building Office Entrance 5th Floor, Office No.: 5001, Rigga Road Dubai, P.O. Box 4647, U.A.E
👉 Phone Number +971 55 4828368
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

7. Kiltons

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (8)

As one of Dubai’s most well-known business setup consultants, Kiltons provides its services throughout the whole emirate. The organization has been acknowledged as one of the top business setup advisor in the UAE.

Business establishments may use their credit cards to pay for their purchases, according to the corporation, which was the first to do so.

Additional services offered by the firm include advising for UAE-based company establishment as well as corporate branding, accountancy, and marketing services:


  1. Advertising & Marketing
  2. ISO Certification
  3. Certificates Attestation
  4. DED
  5. Trademark Registration
  6. Corporate Branding
  7. Special Approvals
  8. Recruitments
  9. Auditing and Bookkeeping
  10. Mainland Company Formation
  11. Offshore Company Formation
  12. Free Zone Company Formation
  13. Virtual Office
  14. Professional License
  15. Industrial License
  16. Commercial License
  17. UAE National Sponsorship

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address G06, Bin Thani Building, Near Hilal Bank, Al Qusais, Dubai,
UAE. P.O. Box 237739
👉 Phone Number +971 4 392 0111
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

8. Shuraa

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (9)

Shuraa is one of those business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE that is excellent for folks with a modest budget. In accordance with their official website, they claim to be able to help you start a business for as little as AED 29500.

You may select from among the several packages given by Shuraa in different locations of the UAE based on the services you desire and the money you have. Its most prominent services include the following:

  1. Business Licenses such as Commercial, Industrial, Tourism and Professional License
  2. PRO Services
  3. Bank Assistant
  4. Business Activities
  5. Business Consulting
  6. Sponsorship and Investor’s Right Protection
  7. VAT & Accounting
  8. Offices for Rent
  9. Business Centres
  10. Smart Desk

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address Sheikh Zayed Road, Office 501, 5th floor, Aspin Commercial Tower, Dubai
👉 Phone Number +971 4 4081900
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

9. Riz & Mona Consultancy

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (10)

Riz & Mona Consultancy is giving business setup services in Dubai, UAE. For a better understanding of the services and plans available, customers may also take advantage of a free consultation provided by the business.

The businesses may select among these options based on their needs and budget. In the last 15 years, the organization has also assisted more than 1600 customers construct their business settings, which speaks well of its track record.

The service portfolio is outstanding, broad and full of alternatives and some of the most famous services are:

  1. Company formation in the Mainland, Freezone and Offshore areas
  2. Product Registration
  3. Ministry of Health Product Registration
  4. Business Support Services such as:
  5. Bank Account Opening
  6. Trademark Registration
  7. Company Liquidation
  8. Local Sponsors
  9. PRO Services
  10. Trade license
  11. Visa Services
  12. Special Business Licenses in Dubai
  13. Bookkeeping Accounting Services
  14. VAT Consultancy Service in Dubai
  15. Translation Services in Dubai
  16. Custom Code Registration
  17. Attestation Services

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address Office 1006, Single Business Tower, Sheikh
Zayed Road, PO BOX 393598 Dubai — UAE
👉 Phone Number +971 4 5586339
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

10. CommitBiz

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (11)

This organization also provides cheap services for all sorts of business setup in the UAE. From local sponsors to VAT services; from asset management services to offices for rent; and from Tax related services to PRO services — CommitBiz provides a service portfolio with a broad variety of services.

  1. VAT Services in Dubai
  2. Office Space Rent Services in Dubai
  3. HR Tools & Solutions in Dubai
  4. Shelf Company in Dubai
  5. Intellectual Property Service in Dubai
  6. Business Setup By Industry
  7. Business Management Services in UAE
  8. Attestation Service in Dubai
  9. Payroll & Audit Services in Dubai
  10. Asset Management Services
  11. Visa Services in Dubai
  12. Tax Consulting in Dubai
  13. Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  14. PRO Services in Dubai
  15. Local Sponsor Services in Dubai

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address 10th floor, Dubai World Trade Center
Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 293816, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
👉 Phone Number +971 56 5927847
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

11. RadiantBiz

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (12)

As one of Dubai’s top business setup consultants, RadiantBiz stands out from the crowd. Globally acclaimed and endorsed by successful entrepreneurs, company owners and CEOs.

One-stop shop for business establishment and corporate banking services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They have a deep desire to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service and satisfaction.

They advise and give comprehensive strategies and solutions for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large corporations, and multinational corporations in order for their businesses to expand successfully.

In order to build your business in the United Arab Emirates, their knowledgeable industry specialists advocate this method and work with you to develop a specific specialty marketing strategy.

You can count on them to help you establish your business smoothly in the UAE, assist you with your financial needs, and get your dream project off the ground. They provide a wide range of services, including the following:

  1. Company Bank Account
  2. Trade Finance
  3. Commercial Financing
  4. Real Estate & Construction Financing
  5. Mortgage & home loan
  6. Debt Structuring
  7. Banking Services
  8. Company Setup
  9. PRO Services & Visas
  10. Value Added Services
  11. E-Commerce Solutions & Payment Gateway
  12. Local Sponsorship Services

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Office Number — 1503, The Burjuman Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Street — Al Mankhool — Dubai (UAE)
👉 Phone Number — +971 552–347–124
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

12. Decisive Zone

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (13)
(Video) Start & grow your business in UAE with the best business setup consultants at Amer QuickPlus

They’re here to help you navigate the tangled web of the UAE’s business formation procedure. Companies and individuals that wish to establish businesses, branches, or subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates can benefit from the services offered by Decisive Zone, which is highly customized and specialized.

They will guarantee that you have a thorough awareness of your alternatives before deciding where and how to establish your company’s presence in the nation by working with them.

They provide advice on the most appropriate company forms and jurisdictions, as well as assistance with the technical, administrative, and financial elements of setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates. A vast range of services are provided by them, including

  1. Finance & Banking
  2. Bank Account Opening
  3. Bookkeeping and VAT registration
  4. License Renewal
  5. License Modification
  6. License Cancellation
  7. License Freezing
  8. UK Citizenship
  9. VIP medical test and emirates ID
  10. Customs Registration
  11. Product Registration
  12. Dependent Visa
  13. Remote Work Visa
  14. Golden Visa
  15. Freelance Visa
  16. Residence Visa

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — 105–108 Building 3 Bay Square, Business Bay Dubai, UAE
👉 Phone Number — +971 4 581 3618
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:


Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (14)

Setting up a new business in the UAE may be difficult, time consuming, and scary without professional assistance.

This is where KWSME comes in. Founded in 2010. They are a Dubai-based team of business setup consultants. In order to establish a business in Dubai, they provide full company creation services.

Their company formation professionals simplify the process so you can focus on your main business while they construct a solid foundation for your firm. They will guide you through the process of forming a corporation in Dubai, Free Zones or offshore. They also provide PRO services, legal translation, visa, bank account opening, company liquidation, trademark registration, and office space in the UAE.

At KWSME, they strive to fully satisfy our clients’ demands. Incorporate your firm with their specialists and become a winner in the UAE. They offer a wide range of services, including

  1. VAT Advisory Services
  2. Banking Advisory Services
  3. Legal Advisory Services
  4. Auditing Accounting Services
  5. Investment investor opportunities for Business Setup
  6. Cosmetic Products Registration in Dubai
  7. Bank Account
  8. PRO Services
  9. Trade license
  10. Visa Services
  11. Legal Translation Services
  12. Trademark Registration Dubai
  13. Local Sponsors Dubai UAE
  14. Company Liquidation in Dubai License Cancellation in Dubai

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — OPAL Tower, 1St Floor, Office №107, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
👉 Phone Number — +971 509664705
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

14. Virtuzone

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (15)

When it comes to setting up a firm in the United Arab Emirates’ free zones or mainland, or even if you’re just a person looking for a trade license, you won’t have to lose any sleep over the bureaucracy involved.

Due to the fact that the heavy lifting is already done for you. A business in the United Arab Emirates may appear complicated at first glance, but it is actually rather simple and economical if you have the correct assistance.

Just this kind of help is what makes Virtuzone the best business setup consultants in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. They’ve established the foundations of more than 60,000 businesses, and virtually all of those customers will continue to renew their business licenses with them year after year. They provide a wide range of services, which include

  1. Bank Account Opening
  2. Accounting
  3. Compliance Services
  4. Health Insurance
  5. VAT & Tax Consultancy
  6. IT Services
  7. Legal Services
  8. Mail Management
  9. Virtual Receptionist
  10. Tourist Visa
  11. Golden Visa
  12. PRO Services

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Al Saaha Office B, 404, Souk Al Bahar Burj Khalifa District, Dubai, UAE
👉 Phone Number — +971 4 597 3679
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

15. Presto Business Services

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (16)

Business setup and support services in Dubai are available via Presto. It is their job to guide you through the maze of options and make sure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

The key to a well-executed business establishment, launch, and operations on Dubai mainland or the Free Zones is their experience and connections.

They’ll guide you through the confusing maze of starting a business and make sure that every step is completed correctly so that you can have your business up and running as quickly as possible.

In addition to drafting and translating legal papers, they also notarize and certify Powers of Attorney and other similar types of agreements. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including a wide number of options.

  1. Licensing
  2. POA and Notary
  3. PRO/Document Clearance
  4. Visa and Residency Services
  5. Value-Added Services
  6. Office Space Rental Facilitation
  7. Bank Account Assistance
  8. Local Sponsor Services
  9. Trademark Registration and Document Attestation

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Al Twar Center, Nahda Road PO Box 48294 Dubai, UAE
👉 Phone Number — +971 4 547 6787
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

16. Company Setup Consultants

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (17)
(Video) Business Setup in Dubai | A&A Consultancy

Are you interested in establishing a company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Are you looking for a low-cost company formation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? What are you looking for?

If your response is yes, then Company Setup Consultants is the appropriate location to making your dream business come reality in no time. Business Setup Consultant in Dubai is particularly interesting due of their 0 percent tax policy. However, the same is true for the remainder of the United Arab Emirates.

However, many entrepreneurs and businessmen from throughout the world find the Company Setup in Dubai particularly appealing. As a result, the business setup in Dubai has additional advantages that make it stand out from the rest of the Emirate of Dubai.

It has been a long time coming, but the United Arab Emirates is currently in the process of moving its economic focus away from the oil and gas sector. As a result, the government is giving a lot of advantages for new and current enterprises in the country.

  1. UAE Trade License Services
  2. HR Tools & Solutions
  3. Business Sponsorship
  4. Investors Rights
  5. Payroll & Audit Services
  6. Business Setup Services
  7. Renewal & Amendments
  8. Visa & PRO Services
  9. VAT & Accounting

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address —Conrad Business Tower — Office S2, 19th Floor, Conrad — Sheikh Zayed Road — Dubai
👉 Phone Number — + (971) 582595164
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

17. DED Cafe

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (18)

The purpose of the DED Cafe is to provide an improved experience for customers with best business setup consultant services in Dubai and to revolutionize service outlets across all Dubai government agencies.

They prepare everything that the government required, including the business constitution, first approval, local address, and NOC.

  1. UAE National Local Partner
  2. Company Registration
  3. LLC Company Formation in Dubai
  4. Commercial License
  5. PRO Visa Services
  6. Ejari Registration
  7. E-services
  8. VAT Registration and VAT Consultancy
  9. E-trader License

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — DED Cafe, 40 Jumeirah St Dubai — United Arab Emirates
👉 Phone Number — +971 55 777 7780
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:

18. MSZ Consultancy

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai (19)

They are the top Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, and they assist investors from all over the world in establishing their dream businesses in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates, beginning with the establishment phase and continuing through expansion and growth.

Indeed, thanks to their extensive understanding of the UAE’s corporate law and affairs, they have established themselves as one of the most reliable business advisers serving a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and companies in Dubai.

  1. E Trader License
  2. Trademark Registration
  3. Local Sponsorship
  4. Pro Services
  5. Bank Account Assistance
  6. Product Registration
  7. Business Centers
  8. Company Liquidation

➤ Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address —1407, Mai Tower, Al Nahda, Dubai United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 19845
👉 Phone Number — +971 52 544 1248
👉 Email —

➤ Social Links:


Those are all 18 of the best companies in the UAE that help new business setup services. Now that you have all the essential information, select the one that meets your company needs and budget and offer a wonderful head-start to your business. Each of the companies is best business setup consultants in Dubai

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What is the best location for a business setup in Dubai? ›

Bur Dubai is an ideal business location for those budding entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in the hotel, tourism, textile, spices, trading industries.

How much does it cost to set up a company in Dubai? ›

The cost of company registration in a Dubai-free zone is typically between AED 15,000 and AED 25,000. A mainland corporation typically costs AED 20,000 or more to establish.

What is the most profitable business in Dubai? ›

Business Ideas: The 5 Most Profitable Sectors in Dubai
  1. Real Estate. The UAE is home to 8.92 million expats. ...
  2. Imports/Exports. The UAE is strategically positioned between Western Europe and the US and the East. ...
  3. E-Commerce. In 2021, the global e-commerce market hit a whopping $13 trillion valuation. ...
  4. Healthcare. ...
  5. Tourism.
15 Jul 2022

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How much does a startup consultant cost? ›

On Upwork, freelance startup consultants charge rates that can range from $50 to $150 an hour. In general, marketing consultants tend to charge somewhat less, while freelancers with expertise in security and finance tend to charge somewhat more.

Which business is growing fast in Dubai? ›

Agriculture And Agri-Based Products Business

The United Arab Emirates' agriculture industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2022 and 2027. The United Arab Emirates is a major producer of dates. A total of 328,669 tons of dates will be produced in 2020, according to FAO.

What is the cheapest business to start in Dubai? ›

Food Delivery Business

It is one of the most affordable and profitable businesses. The food delivery market is likely to grow at 3.80% CAGR by the end of 2025. Due to the pandemic situation, most of Dubai residents prefer their food to be delivered to their doorsteps.

How much money is needed to start a business in Dubai? ›

The minimum share capital amount varies significantly by free zone and can range from AED 1,000 to AED 1,000,000, depending on the business activities and licenses. In general, the average share capital requirement for Dubai free zones is AED 50,000.

What is the cheapest salary in Dubai? ›

That's 5,853.54 USD per month, according to the exchange rates in July 2021. Although this number is quite high, Dubai's average salary is significantly lower than in developed countries like the USA (7,900 USD) and the UK (8,163 USD).
CityAverage Salary (per month)
Ajman19,300 AED
Fujairah18,100 AED
3 more rows
6 Aug 2021

Is Dubai business tax free? ›

While there is no income tax on income generated in Dubai and no sales tax on most goods and services, Dubai is not 100% tax-free.

What business make money fast? ›

Freelancing or Consulting. The #1 quickest way to bring in revenue immediately is to start freelancing or consulting. Whatever you want to call it, whether it's a one-person operation or a budding agency, this simply means that you are selling a service rather than a product. There are no startup costs, and no overhead ...

Which field is in demand in Dubai? ›

The technology sector will dominate demand for new hires this year while a sharp increase in hiring is expected in well-established industries such as health care, pharmaceuticals, human resources, sales, retail, finance and oil and gas.

What is a good salary to survive in Dubai? ›

The average salary in Dubai is AED 21,500 per month, which is equivalent to USD $5,853. The salary of a worker in Dubai is therefore on average higher than in Western countries.

What rank is Dubai in richest country? ›

The UAE is the third-richest country in the world, below Luxembourg at number two and Qatar at number one, with a GDP per capita of $57,744. The bulk of its money comes from the production of goods and provision of services related to petroleum, petrochemicals, aluminium and cement.

Which is the most posh area in Dubai? ›

Most expensive areas for luxurious apartment living in Dubai
  • Most expensive areas.
  • Jumeirah Bay Island.
  • Pearl Jumeirah.
  • Bluewaters Island.
  • City Walk.
  • Al Barari.

What is the most selling product in Dubai? ›

Top best selling products in UAE
  • Yoga Mats.
  • Top Trending Fashion Items.
  • Wide-Leg Pants.
  • Corsets.
  • Water Bottle Holder Shelf.
  • Shapewear.
  • Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Tube.
  • Harry Potter Box Set Paperback.
26 Sept 2022

Is it worth it to hire a consultant? ›

Idea generator: A consultant can bring a fresh perspective to your business that you might not have. They can see the bigger picture of the market and where your company fits into it by being an outsider. The insights they have can boost your internal team to new ways of thinking and approaching problems.

What is a good consulting fee? ›

To calculate your hourly consulting rate from your working week salary follow these steps: Determine what salary you'd like to make. Take that number and divide it by 52 (number of working weeks), then again by 40 (number of hours each week). Take that number and mark it up by 25% to 50%.

What is a normal consulting fee? ›

Finding the market rates for your industry

Marketing consultants charge between $25 to $300 per hour, with $100 being the average. SEO specialists may be on the higher end of that range, while social media consultants are on the lower end, with brand strategists falling somewhere in the middle.

Which small business is best in UAE? ›

List of 20 Business Opportunities in Dubai in 2021
  • Day-care Centre. ...
  • Telecommunications. ...
  • Nightclubs. ...
  • Salon and Spa. ...
  • Gadget Repair. ...
  • Online Florist. ...
  • Cleaning and Laundry Services. ...
  • Transportation and Logistics. It is a good idea to start a transportation company in Dubai.

Which job has highest demand in Dubai? ›

Some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai include:
  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineers.
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialists.
  • Doctors.
  • Financial Analysts and CFOs.

How can I make money easily in Dubai? ›

20+ ideas to make extra cash in Dubai
  1. Teach your skills.
  2. Turn your crafts to cash.
  3. Blogging.
  4. Freelancing.
  5. Tourist guide.
  6. Photography.
  7. Provide accommodation.
  8. Social media Influencer.
29 Sept 2022

Which sector is best in Dubai? ›

If you're moving to Dubai for work and are looking for the best industries in which to find employment, read on.
  • Healthcare and Medical Services. ...
  • Marketing, Advertising, and PR. ...
  • Recruitment and HR. ...
  • Accounting and Finance. ...
  • Tourism and hospitality professionals.
26 Sept 2022

Which business is best for beginner? ›

Best Small Business Ideas
  1. Handyman. Image Source. ...
  2. Woodworker. ...
  3. Online Dating Consultant. ...
  4. Sewing and Alteration Specialist. ...
  5. Freelance Developer. ...
  6. Personal Trainer. ...
  7. Freelance Graphic Designer. ...
  8. Life/ Career Coach.
21 Oct 2022

What are 10 small businesses? ›

Here are a few:
  • Virtual Assistant Service. Many small business owners and solopreneurs need helping hands to keep their business going, and wouldn't mind paying to get one. ...
  • Social Media Management Service. ...
  • Web Design Agency. ...
  • Coffee Shop. ...
  • Sell Online Courses. ...
  • Affiliate Marketing. ...
  • Home Tutoring. ...
  • Video Editor.

What is the minimum basic salary in Dubai? ›

There is no minimum salary stipulated in the UAE Labour Law, however it broadly mentions that salaries must cover basic needs of the employees.

Do I need a sponsor to start a business in Dubai? ›

Having a local sponsor is a mandatory requirement for any foreigners who wished to establish a business in the UAE mainland. The sponsor should be a UAE national and should own at least 51% of your company.

Is it difficult to set up a business in Dubai? ›

The process of starting a business in Dubai is actually quite straightforward. There are some things to watch out for though. It can be tedious and time-consuming with multiple steps and important considerations along the way that you should know about.

Which is the cheapest Freezone in Dubai? ›

The cheapest Free Zone in Dubai is IFZA (International Free Zone Authority). It offers a free-for-life resident visa and a 1-year free Flexi desk. IFZA also offers a low cost company license in Dubai without visas at a cost of AED 11,900. Presently, this is the cheap and best Dubai free zone license offer in 2022.

Can you live in Dubai with 5000$ salary? ›

Not a good option. As 5000 is too less to live off. It will only cover your basic needs and even then if you a house in Sharjah not in Dubai or maybe in outskirts of Dubai. He's earning 7,500 a month, he just informed me.

What is a comfortable salary in Dubai? ›

Let's begin. If you don't want to read the whole blog, here is the bottom line; a salary of AED 10,000 - 15,000 (USD 2,700 - 4,000) a month is considered pretty decent with the potential to save a good amount, while a salary of AED 15,000 - 20,000 (USD 4,000 - 5,400) per month and more is considered very attractive.

How much Indians earn in Dubai? ›

Employees in Dubai UAE earn an average of ₹29lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹12lakhs per year to ₹50lakhs per year based on 24 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹47lakhs per year.

How to become a Dubai citizen? ›

How can I get citizenship in Dubai? A UAE passport in Dubai can be granted by descent, by naturalisation, by marriage, or by exceptional merit. The latter option is available for investors. Before applying for citizenship, they obtain a 3- or 5-year residence permit by investing at least AED 750,000, or approx.

How can I get UAE citizenship? ›

How can you acquire UAE citizenship? You can acquire the UAE's citizenship only through the Rulers' and Crown Princes' Courts, Offices of the Executive Councils and the Cabinet based on the nominations of federal entities. Contact Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship for more information.

How can I avoid paying tax in Dubai? ›

There is currently no personal income tax in the United Arab Emirates. As such, there are no individual tax registration or reporting obligations.

What are the 5 most profitable businesses? ›

Most Profitable Business Ideas
  1. Business Consulting. If you're an expert in your industry and have been working at it for years, you should consider consulting. ...
  2. IT Support, Technology Consulting, and Repair. ...
  3. Cleaning Services. ...
  4. Accounting and Tax Preparation. ...
  5. Auto Repair. ...
  6. Real Estate.

What services are in high demand 2022? ›

Service business ideas: The top 15
  • Personal fitness trainer.
  • Grocery shopping and delivery.
  • Makeup artist.
  • Doula and birth coaching services.
  • Private school application consultant.
  • Elder companion and care provider.
  • Pet sitting.
  • Handyman service.
7 Jan 2021

What industry will make you rich? ›

What business makes the most millionaires? A few businesses have made more millionaires than any other. These businesses include investment banking, hedge fund management, and private equity. All these belong to the financial sector, the top industry that produces the most millionaires.

What is the best salary in Dubai? ›

The highest paid Dubai are Legal Department professionals at $141,000 annually. The lowest paid Dubai are Transportation & Logistics professionals at $12,000.

Which is the easiest job with high salary in Dubai? ›

What are the top 20 easy jobs that pay well in Dubai?
  1. Flight Attendant. When you're onboard a flight, your safety, comfort, and security is ensured by flight attendants. ...
  2. Realtor. ...
  3. Fitness Instructor. ...
  4. Virtual Tutor. ...
  5. Income Tax Preparer. ...
  6. Translator. ...
  7. Cashier. ...
  8. Home-Care Aid.

What is a high salary in UAE? ›

The highest paid UAE are Legal Department professionals at $141,000 annually. The lowest paid UAE are Transportation & Logistics professionals at $4,200.

Is 10000 AED a good salary in Abu Dhabi? ›

Yes, It is more than enough to live for a single person. As you are aware Abudhabi is fantastic place to live, so many foriegners coming here every day to visit and enjoy this place, If you want to spend the entire 10,000 AED in two days that also very possible.

How much is rent in Dubai per month? ›

Housing, Rental & Utilities
Type of ApartmentCost of rent per month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City CentreAED 5,141.89 (USD 1 399.92)
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of CentreAED 3,281.72 (USD 893.47)
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City CentreAED 9,766.53 (USD 2 659.01)
1 more row

Is life in Dubai cheap? ›

In terms of costs like food, entertainment and activities, Dubai is reasonably expensive (but proportionally lower than rental costs).

Who is the best business consultant? ›

McKinsey & Company

The company is consistently ranked as the #1 most valued brand in the consulting industry, making it the most prestigious company on the list. Since its founding in 1926, the company has grown to over 30,000 employees across more than 120 offices around the world.

What are some business setup services in the UAE? ›

Services for Business Setup in UAE
  • LLC Company Formation in Dubai.
  • Sponsorship Services.
  • PRO Services.
  • Liquidation Services.

Which bank is best for startup business in UAE? ›

Listed below are some of the favorable business accounts in Dubai:
  • Emirates NBD Business banking.
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) Premium Current Account.
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) My Business account.
  • FAB Business Advantage Account.
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Business Elite Account.
30 Mar 2022

How much should I pay a business consultant? ›

The hourly cost of consulting fees range from about $45 to $150 per hour. Keep in mind that the fees you'll pay can vary depending on where you live, the specific services you need and whether you need one-time or ongoing consulting.

What are top 3 consulting firms? ›

What are MBB (Big 3) Consulting Firms? In management consulting, MBB stands for McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company, the three most prestigious firms in the industry (also known as the “Big Three”).

How easy is it to set up a company in Dubai? ›

In Dubai Airport Free Zone, you can form an FZ Co. with a minimum share capital of AED 1000. Each share should be in the denomination of AED 1000. In DMCC, the minimum share capital for forming a free zone company is AED 50,000 per company and AED 10,000 per shareholder.

Who are the Big 4 in consulting? ›

The Big 4 firms in management consulting are Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte), KPMG International (KPMG), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Ernst & Young (EY). As of 2020, they are the four largest consulting firms in terms of revenue.

Who are the big 4 consultancy firms? ›

The Big Four are the world's largest consulting firms, accounting for nearly 40% of the industry's $150 billion global market. PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG are followed by US strategy giants McKinsey & Company and The Boston Consulting Group.

What are Big 6 consulting companies? ›

List of Top Consulting Firms in the World
  • McKinsey Company. McKinsey & Company is a world-renowned management consulting firm. ...
  • The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. ...
  • Bain & Company. ...
  • Deloitte. ...
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers. ...
  • Booz Allen Hamilton. ...
  • L.E.K. ...
  • EY-Parthenon.

What is the best business to start in UAE 2022? ›

Top 10 Successful Business Ideas in Dubai, UAE
  1. Construction Sector. Dubai is continuing the growth with the establishment of infrastructure facilities, skyscrapers, industrial units and so on. ...
  2. E-Commerce Solutions. ...
  3. Travel and Tourism. ...
  4. Real Estate Agency. ...
  5. Health Sector. ...
  6. Handyman Business. ...
  7. Consultancy Service. ...
  8. Beauty Salon.

Can I get loan to start business in Dubai? ›

Whenever a new business opportunity or situation requires the injection of additional business funding. You can borrow up to AED 2 million as business loan with no collateral or security requirement and set your fixed term repayment period anywhere between 12 and 48 months.


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